Exploring the Nexus between Poverty and Academic Performance: A Case Study in Lugazi Town Council, Mukono District, Uganda

Mulmka Geoffrey

College of Education, Kampala International University, Uganda

Poverty remains a persistent challenge globally, affecting millions of individuals and families. In Uganda, poverty significantly influences various aspects of life, particularly education. This study investigates the intricate relationship between poverty and academic performance among learners in Lugazi town council, Mukono district, Uganda. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, data was collected from teachers, students, and parents to comprehensively understand poverty’s impact on education. Results reveal pronounced disparities in access to essential school facilities and resources due to financial constraints, including inadequate textbooks, classrooms, and practical materials. Moreover, limited staff development opportunities and large class sizes exacerbate teaching challenges, hindering effective learning. Poverty is found to be a key driver of high dropout rates among students, driven by the necessity to work, unfavorable school environments, hunger, lengthy commutes, and early marriages, particularly among girls. Additionally, poverty correlates with increased student indiscipline, including drug abuse and deviant behavior, further undermining the educational environment. This study underscores the urgent need for targeted interventions to address structural challenges posed by poverty. Recommendations include increased funding for schools serving underprivileged communities, support for teacher training initiatives, and efforts to mitigate socioeconomic barriers to education. The findings emphasize the importance of fostering collaborative partnerships between government agencies, educators, parents, and community leaders to create a conducive learning environment that promotes academic achievement despite socioeconomic obstacles. Ultimately, addressing poverty’s impact on education is essential for enhancing educational outcomes and reducing inequality in Uganda.

Keywords: Poverty, Academic Performance, Education, Uganda, Dropout Rates, School Facilities, Teacher Training, Socioeconomic Barriers, Collaborative Partnerships

CITE AS: Mulmka Geoffrey (2024). Exploring the Nexus between Poverty and Academic Performance: A Case Study in Lugazi Town Council, Mukono District, Uganda. INOSR HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 10(1): 14-20. https://doi.org/10.59298/INOSRHSS/2024/101.4.14200